About Us

About Us


Daily Travel Service Company (Daily Tour) was established in 1974. The main office is located on Chongqing S. Rd at the nerve center of Taipei business district, with two branch offices at Yonghe Dist., New Taipei City and Jakarta, Indonesia to serve the domestic and overseas market.

Daily Tour has been running successful travel business for more than 30 years with our great enthusiasm, honesty, and quality of services. Our company is not only been trusted by our customers, but also reputed as an excellent tour operator by other travel agencies in Taiwan.

Recently, “Tourism Industry” has been identified as a great influence on local economy by many national policy makers. Therefore, to promote tourism business in Taiwan, the government removed the interdiction of tourists from Mainland China in July, 2008. Daily Tour responded to this policy change promptly and participated actively in each major travel exposition in either Mainland China or Taiwan area. Furthermore, to expand the tourism market in Southeastern Asia, Daily Tour has assisted the Taiwan Tourism Bureau in organizing the annual Taiwanese travel fairs in Indonesia every year since 2001. In 2007, Daily Tour was honored to be the only official tourist agency in the 9th APLIC (Asia Pacific Life Insurance Congress) in Taipei. Recently, Daily Tour has been awarded as the most Outstanding Tourism Professional Award 2009 by the ministry of transportation & tourism.

Daily Tour is also a member of IATA (International Air Transport Association) and many tourism associations to provide the most thorough and fastest traveling information and services to our customers. Our company will always foresee the latest travel market’s trend and fulfill our customer’s demands.

Daily Tour entered into travel business as a tour operator, and began handling mainly the inbound tour groups from Southeast Asia, Japan, America, especially Indonesia among them. Daily Tour has been specialized in dealing with Indonesian tour groups that it has almost 80% of Indonesian outgoing market to Taiwan. Daily Tour is also expanding the outbound traveling business to provide services for the domestic customers. Our major service items include: 1.Travel ticketing for air, sea, and land for domestic and abroad. 2.Applying visa and necessary documenting for traveling. 3.Tour operation for FITs or Groups, domestic and abroad. 4.Provide and sell group tour package of our own and of other agents’. 5.Sales representative of international hotels and resorts.

With the global market changes and increasing tourist population, domestic and abroad travel business is more promising. Daily Tour insists on our high quality services and provides unique tour products to cater to the requirements of our domestic and foreign customers. Our vision is to create a brand new image and to build an “outstanding” traveling environment for Taiwan.