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2022 Private SIC Tour  > 1 - 2 Days Tour

Explore Smangus & Zhenxibao (2 Days) - PK2D1N-16

*This tour is not advised for children below 3 years old

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Departure Time : AM 07:00 - 07:30

Duration : 2 Days (10 hours/day)

Departure / Meet Point : Taipei Main Station

Itinerary :

Day 1 (Breakfast X / Lunch V / Dinner X)

Meet at Taipei Main Station


Hexing Train Station - Hexing Station has old-fashioned clocks, antique train cars and Japanese decoration, and is famous for a romantic love story about a man chasing after a train and a woman, which made Hexing get another name "Love Station"


Eagle Creek Trail - is only about 900 meters long one way from the entrance square to the end of Lipu Waterfall. It is an entry-level mini trail. It all walks along the stream. The front section is a gravel road. Walking in the forest, the air is fresh, and the cicadas and birds are not chirping. Absolutely, the scenery of the waterfalls along the way is fascinating


Xiulan Rock - Located in the valley on the way from Xiuluan to Tianpu tribe, this megalithic rock is like a warship ready to set sail, so it is named "Warship Rock". According to legend, the stream under the boulder is the hometown of "Bitter Flower". Bitter Flower is a kind of fish. It likes clear spring water. Once the water quality is polluted, it cannot survive. It can be seen that the water quality of the streams in the mountains is fresh and clean


Zhenxibao Church / Xinguang Elementary School Forest Classroom

Transfer to accommodation for check-in

Hotel : Cinsbu Yiren / Ngasal / Similar 


Day 2 (Breakfast V / Lunch V / Dinner X)

Breakfast in the accommodation


Yulao Observatory Deck - Lookout atop a mountain, with panoramic views of the surrounding hillsides plus nearby restaurants


Smangus : Qalang Smangus Aboriginal Tribe Village - Before the giant trees in the area were discovered, Smangus was completely cut off from the outside world. The fact that it is so far removed from "civilization" does nothing but promote an air of mystery about the area and the people who live there, which is why it was once known as "Black Village". It is now known as "God's Village", Giant Tree Trail (10km round trip hiking trail) -  a giant Cypress trees, which are some of the oldest and largest in Taiwan at up to 2,700 years old.






Neiwan Old Street - located in Hengshan Township, it was the most important road in and out of Jianshi Mountain which is rich in forests and minerals. In the recent years, the nostalgic old street also include the Neiwan Station, Neiwan Theater, Neiwan Suspension Bridge with traditional street houses can be found here which is mostly built with red brick columns and foundations, wood materials for the body, door, window, roof and plywood tiles or Japanese cultural tiles to cover the roofs 


Proceed back to Taipei


Tour Fare (Adult / per pax) :

4 Pax / Van : USD290 
5 Pax / Van : USD254
6 Pax / Van : USD231
7 Pax / Van : USD214

「Child below 3 years old = Free but this tour is not advised for children below 3 years old ; 4 - 12 years old count as adult」

*Hotel Single Supplement : USD53/per room/per night/per pax

*Hotel Saturday Surcharge : USD20/per night/per pax

*Additional Indonesian Speaking Guide Fee : USD120/per day

*Additional English Speaking Guide Fee : USD150/per day


Including : 

Transportation (VAN), Accommodation, Meals (as mentioned on itinerary), Mandarin Speaking Guide, Entrance Tickets, and Travel Insurance


Excluding :

Guide & Driver Tipping, and Any Personal Expense