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2022 Private SIC Tour  > 1 - 2 Days Tour

Explore Mt Taiping (2 Days) - PK2D1N-08

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Departure Time : AM 07:30 - 08:00

Duration : 2 Days (10 hours/day)

Departure / Meet Point : Taipei Main Station

Itinerary :

Day 1 (Breakfast X / Lunch V / Dinner X)

Meet at Taipei Main Station


Mt. Taiping : Bailing Giant Tree - a gigantic Taiwan Cypress about 30 m high (roughly 10 floors) and more than 700 years old. It takes 6 persons to encircle its trunk. It had been struck by lightning and its trunk is hollow inside. Even so, it is still alive and continuing to grow. Bailing is the demarcation between broadleaf trees and conifer trees. The name "Bailing" means white mountain top, which has won its name because white clouds are usually surrounding the mountain, Jancing Historic Trail - it was built on part of the old「Forest Railway- Jancing Line」 and the total length is 0.9 km. The old「Forest Railway- Jancing Line」is about 5.5 km, it still retains the natural beauty and historical heritages along the railway as decades ago. Nowadays, you will see the railway tracks, wooden log cart and bogies on the trail, which can invoke the memory of old logging business, Maosing Reminiscent Trail (Bong Bong Train Ride) - starts from the Maosing Station's platform, the total length is 1.6km. It is built on the old tracks of Bong Bong Train, and its slope is rather moderate. On the trail, there are full-fledged facilities for rest and interpretive signs for visitors to thoroughly appreciate the history, natural resources and geology of this nostalgic trail,Taipingshan Villa.


Transfer to hotel for check-in

Hotel : Taipingshan Villa / Cueifong Villa / Similar 


Day 2 (Breakfast V / Lunch V / Dinner X)

Breakfast in the hotel


Mt. Taiping : Cueifong Lake Circular Trail - Cueifong Lake is situated between Taipingshan and Tayuan Mountain at elevation 1,840 m. Its largest area can reach 25 hectares in rain season and Cueifong Lake is also the largest high mountain lake in Taiwan. Cueifong Lake Circular Trail is built on the old tracks of forest railway with total length 3.95 km and the elevations are between 1,900-2,000 m. Visitors can appreciate the different views of Cueifong Lake in four seasons. Since this trail is deserted most of the time and the surface of trail are well protected by ground cover plants, mosses and forest floor, it still keeps the original outlook of tens of thousands years ago, Cueifong Villa, and Jioujhihze Hot Spring (exclude hot spring bath) - Under the Japanese administration, Japanese loggers built a hot spring bath room and the source of Jioujhihze hot spring water comes from the cracks of stone on the hillside.


Proceed back to Taipei 


Tour Fare (Adult / per pax) :

4 Pax / Van : USD258 
5 Pax / Van : USD231
6 Pax / Van : USD214
7 Pax / Van : USD202

「Child below 3 years old = Free ; 4 - 12 years old count as adult」

*Hotel Single Supplement : USD69/per room/per night/per pax

*Additional Indonesian Speaking Guide Fee : USD120/per day

*Additional English Speaking Guide Fee : USD150/per day


Including : 

Transportation (VAN), Accommodation, Meals (as mentioned on itinerary), Mandarin Speaking Guide, Entrance Tickets, and Travel Insurance


Excluding :

Guide & Driver Tipping, and Any Personal Expense